Community Guidelines
Important information for putting on an event through the East Bay Labyrinth Project


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Congratulations. You've chosen to spread your wings and put on an event for the public to share in. We already appreciate the interest and enthusiasm you have for involving the community. So, thank you for joining us! Thank you for inspiring others as well.

Please take a moment now to review our guidelines so that all programs within the community can run smoothly.

1. Let someone know before you stage an event your general intentions for a labyrinth event by completing the Labyrinth Event Planning Form we referred to earlier. We are asking so that the greater whole can benefit and so that we can provide some general counsel if need be. Also, it helps if related groups know about each other, since there might be some reason to collaborate on similar efforts in the future. We can be a hub in that respect, letting people know of each other.

2. Please make known the values of the labyrinth when you put on a program. Many people have absolutely no familiarity with it but in many cultures, and in many locations, it is considered sacred space. It would be nice to honor the tradition you are a part of and share the knowledge.

3. Be respectful of people who attend your events. So, for example, you might want to have on hand a release form so that you will not be invasive should you publicize images of people. Check back here as we are likely to put up one of our own.

4. Since the sites are on either public or private property, and are not sites the East Bay Labyrinth Project either owns or administers, it is very important that groups take responsibility for their own use of the space during the event. This means that you leave it as you found it, and take care to respect it environmentally. As good citizens, we know well this means leaving no trash and being cognizant of what is safe during the time you are in the space.

5. If you have questions, we are happy to help but we ask that you review all the "Event How to's" before asking us about this and that. The notes are there to make things simpler for you. If you still have questions, we will be happy to share what we know.

6. As mentioned elsewhere, keep within the bounds of not more than fifty people congregating around the labyrinth at the same time. City ordinance.

7. Handling emergencies is the responsibility of those who have decided to take on an activity in any of these public spaces so plan accordingly. Since these are your scheduled events, you might want to designate a support person to take on the role. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, this can't be us.

7. If we've forgotten something, please email us and let us know. Most likely, we will want to add your suggestions to our own guidelines so that we all will benefit.

8. Finally, be patient in terms of our getting back to you. We are a group of volunteers, and sometimes we take vacations, hand off tasks to new volunteers, and well, run out of time. But we do check our email and hope that we will generally keep to our intention of not letting an unreasonable amount of time go by without acknowledging your request.

For now, that's about it. Thanks for stopping by. See you soon.