Current Projects

Current Projects

Our community projects vary, depending on the number of volunteers we have, local interest, and current needs.

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To start exploring, strike up a conversation with us on facebook and feel free to review the upcoming events and discussion there. For a taste of how our current projects might match up in an ongoing way with your own needs, consider the volunteer opportunities below:

Volunteer on Brief, On-the-Go Assignments:
Pressed for time but intrigued about the possibilities for affiliating? Then, how about tackling some low-pressure tasks that, with your involvement, would be a win-win for both of us?

Here's the kind of help we often find ourselves looking for:
1. Press release/public relations support. We need hands in getting our news and events in other people's hands. Calendar postings, local papers, local resources, etc.

2. Social media posting help. Are you a whiz in social networks and know communities that could be interested in leading a walk? Or how about socially comfortable in letting people know about interesting events coming up? We could use your help here too. Post on Facebook, Twitter, event sites. Sure, stay in the cozyness of your home but share your excitement, get to know a niche community ...and post!

3. A group of friends willing to put up posters and postcards in various neighborhoods. It's places you go to anyway! So, why not come by and take an hour in the morming to help us circulate literature about an upcoming event? Roll it into your exercise routine! Easy to do and hugely appreciated.

4. Day of the event tasks takers. We need people who are willing to help out during events. We get great summer breezes, our labyrinths are close to everything, easy to bike to or park close by, you'll be meeting many people in very casual settings, and enjoying the program as well. So surprise us. Say you'ld like to help out.

Volunteer on the Steering Committee:
How do you generate excitement and interest for a project that has not yet been completed? We've viewed this as a bit of a conundrum in the past. Yet we've discovered how much people are looking now for projects in a state of emergence, embracing the extra energy and commitment that an inspiring possibility can give. And that's how it is with us. When you actively volunteer on the project, you'll find some very interesting and unique challenges awaiting you, the energy found from projects not set in stone.

In addition, it's a situation where both the labyrinth and you together evolve — a quiet, casual and loyal friend you never quite realized was there. Despite the fact that communities who visit and the site itself also comes and goes, it can feel like you're entering a timeless world. Participants feel the pull toward it's self-guided rhythms and toward what feels primal — joining together under the sky season after season, year after year. Crafting unique events and building a beautiful sense of place for the community out in nature — it's something quite gratifying, something you don't want to miss.

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Volunteer to Help Fundraise/Engage the Community Through Outreach:
Guerrila marketing. Mobile organizing. Community networking. Local partners to share events? Yep, we could use it all. For further details, check out our fundraising and outreach volunteer description here.


Volunteer to Help Build a Labyrinth/Design a Labyrinth Experience:

It's pretty interesting to learn the many labyrinth patterns that exist, not to mention how you would go about executing one. If you love to draw, you will be in sketcher's paradise, according to our labyrinth designer, KT. If you are curious about proportions and the meaning behind a labyrinth creation, constructing one on your own can wrap you up in discovery for hours. Or maybe, you are a hobby artist who also happens to like to ceremonialize a walk or create something that uses natural elements, blending them with nature, a la Andy Goldsworthy?

Whatever it is, a labyrinth will guide you to the center of your own thoughts, resulting in an encounter with beauty and a deeper consideration of realities around you. Our humble opinion: bring yourself to it! And life to it! And then, bring your friends!