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As we mentioned throughout this website, there are many ways for you to be involved. It's not just having events but keeping focused on a primary objective; the building of a permanent labyrinth for the community.

On our end, we offer reciprocal support and co-partnering opportunities. It's a beautiful venue not to be wasted.

When you think of how anything starts, the spark to begin comes down to this: the more involved you are, the more people will want to be involved similarly; the more people see others involved, the more the space in the Marina will become the special spot for labyrinth-specific activity we already know it to be.

To help keep things moving, we are looking to stage fundraising events, to use innovative social media that underscores the opportunities for person-to-person connection (or simply for personal release), to start dialogues or not talk at all, to explore unique exchanges (imagine barn-raisings, but with the building of the labyrinth as a compelling reason to gather as a community instead), and finally, equally enticing, when we gather, to do what we can to tip the scales in favor of a few moments that inevitably gratify us all, as walking a simple path can do, the flavor of a sweet time out tasted...peace.