Labryinth Event How to's (recommendations from EBLP)

How to Initiate an Event with the East Bay Labyrinth Project

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1. As you give birth to your labyrinth activity or program, we encourage you to consider the basics — the reason for your event, your intended community or audience, the time of day you would like to have it (both daytime and evening are possible), and the kind of event you can imagine using the space for (performance, educational, ceremonial, “time-out” gathering, other). Then, figure out timing. It doesn't have to be long. Could be just 10-20 minutes of setting up interest in an activity, and then, 1/2 hour or more exploring that activity in advance of the walk. And then, of course, the labyrinth walk itself (not necessarily in that order). We recommend you keep things simple, as most facilitators find it works best to talk less, and allow for experience more.

2. Next, let some time go by, and continue to shape your idea. Decide where you would like it to be. Remember we have two labyrinth spaces communities can use: Willard School on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley or the Berkeley Marina Labyrinth. The best times for using the labyrinths are during the summer months or after-school times during the school year, and as mentioned before, either a daytime or evening slot — it's really up to you.

3. In terms of scheduling, you'll want to settle on a few times that could work. Some June and July dates are currently open at the Berkeley Marina, with August spaces at both the Marina Labyrinth and Willard open as well. The tendency for people to schedule events over the weekend may make weekend times busier, but I would't worry too much about that at the moment. You'll probably be able to choose a time that really does work for you. A quick glance at our website calendar will confirm if your preferred time is available and that you are not bumping into another group’s use. Very Good! Well done!

4. Next, communicate to the East Bay Labyrinth team what you've come up with. Consider these two options when you are ready to initiate a community event through us:

For those who have a pretty good idea about what they might like to develop, fill out our Labyrinth Event Planning Form. It may be that you will still have questions as you fill it out but try to make it as complete as you can, and we will help afterwards where questions remain. If no help is needed, we'll review your event for appropriateness, and then, most likely, simply post it on the schedule as is.

For those who are not yet sure about what they want to do, the second option — to email us — is fine too. We can make recommendations over email, if you have described where you need the help and it is within the bounds of time that any of the volunteers have available.

But otherwise, we'll assume you are happy with your own planning, and with our calendaring of your event (taken from the dates you give us). More on the specifics of scheduling below.

5. To help you further prepare for and schedule any event, keep reading below. For honoring the public space itself, please take a moment to review our community guidelines here too. Thank you for your interest. There are just so many possibilities, and we're excited for you. Just focus on what you know, and most likely you will bring to the community something that feels valuable and fresh to them. If not, we hope you will find the experiment of leading an activity worthwhile because being in the circle is much like a call to be present, and a great space for keeping at something until you get it right!

How to Prepare for the Event/Program Considerations

1. Depending on the program you put in place, you will want to review what you will need to administer it. This could be things like how you will handle sign-ups, send out email reminders, assign/assemble key materials as well as manage all the details around the design of the program itself. We recommend you review the Labyrinth Event Checklist as a guide.

2. You will be well-organized when you have a way of:

- letting people know that you are putting on the event
- capturing sign-ups in advance of the program (See #5 as to why this is particularly important)
- smoothly managing event details,
- sharing the results of your event with the East Bay Labyrinth Project
- conveying your ideas for community so that more relationships and awareness can build, leading to ready support for the construction of the permanent labyrinth — something from which we all will benefit.

3. Please realize we do not provide any supplies or labyrinth materials. What we do provide is the labyrinth itself and some support toward running a successfuly labyrinth event. If you would like to co-sponsor an event and brainstorm a shared event, contact us. If it is in line with the values the labyrinth imparts and feasible, we'll be excited to learn more.

4. Any one of us may be in violation of city ordinance if there are more than fifty people at any one time at an event. More than fifty requires that you make special arrangements with the city. We cannot be put in the position of a violation since our main goal, if you read the website, is to ensure the construction of the Marina Labyrinth. The way to handle more than fifty is to keep tallies of the people attending (if only in numbers, not names) and then, asking that people come back at a slightly later time in the day if you think you will exceed this limit.

5. It may be smart to create your own event planning form so everyone in your network is aware of the parameters/design of your intentions, well-prepared to be helpful the day of and able to anticipate important needs.

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How to Schedule an Event At an EBLP labyrinth

1. We are in the process of setting up a calendar tool that will allow people to schedule times online. After you choose several viable dates, one will be accepted by the East Bay Labyrinth Project Team, and then confirmed.

2. People will then have access to the calendar as a reminder for when events have been scheduled for use at either Willard School or the Marina Labyrinth.

3. When you are ready to commit to a time, get in touch with us, and we will share with you the calendar scheduling information.

4. If you have feedback about how a process can be improved, please share it. We are all experimenting with ways to make the labyrinth experience compelling but simple — in conscious contrast to the larger culture which pushes us to move faster and faster and do more and more. All the more reason, why community participation in labyrinth leadership is meaningful, as it protects the experience of just being, and in doing so, can hold a special place in our lives.

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How to Complete Use of the Space and Share the Experience

Completing the Use of the Labyrinth Space

1. Leave something in the center if you would like to make a connection between your group and the next set of people who pass by.

2. As mentioned before, leave the space in the same condition it was before you got to it. Have on hand plastic bags to make removal of all items easier. Take responsibility for your own trash.

3. Invite suggestions from your community for future use of the space.

Sharing the Experience

1. Many people in this community would love to use the labyrinth space if they knew about it. And knew how to share their programs with other folks! Imagine a handoff between community groups, each community feeling a tie to the next through their shared interest in slowing down and appreciating the variety of ways people relate to the experience, inter-relate and can mutually benefit! What a novelty!

Or imagine several labyrinth groups coming together for a day of labyrinth-related activities — perhaps getting a taste of each other as one event ends and another begins. Creative use of the space for all ages, for all types of gatherings.

2. So how can we share the labyrinth experience and expand awareness of its value at the same time? Here are some suggestions:

a. When you visit the Marina, talk to the people you run into about the temporary labyrinth on the other side of the Marina (even lobby for a city sign that shows daily events for the Marina as a whole) or talk about nice evening labyrinth walks at the Willard School. Tell them about upcoming events, your own and ours.

b. Put a link on your signature that shows the location of the Marina labyrinth in Berkeley (go to google maps, then google "Marina labyrinth" or just cut and paste this link directly, "Site of the New Berkeley Marina Labyrinth" into your email).

c. Encourage folks to sign up on our Facebook Fan Page (we will be sure to give a plug for your events too; just ask) or visit the home page of this site where, with one click, you can show you "like" us. It's on the lower left.

d. Create some postcards advertising your labyrinth events. At the Marina labyrinth, consider posting them on signs we will have up near the labyrinth itself.

e. After an event, share materials about what made your labyrinth event unique. We could all use some tips! And, by the way, that sharing can be through pictures, a short paragraph describing it, interviews, a video or whatever else comes to mind.

f. After an event, relate back what happened and encourage wishes for the future. If you would like to put any of these comments on our facebook page, that would be great. The discussion tab is a spot yearning for shared insight or discussion.

3. If you would like to continue this conversation or share other event ideas more directly, we can be reached best through email (eastbaylabyrinthproject@gmail.com).

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Hot tip: Itís been our experience that groups will pull together, finding what they need in terms of the materials/approaches/event ideas — regardless, we touch on these topics below. The key element to a successful event is often pre-planning and then, letting this walk you've just designed lead you toward next steps! Ready then? Let's begin!

1 . No matter how hardy this list might appear, most community-led labyrinth gatherings do not really need all that much. By assembling this guide, we simply want to introduce a process that's seamless and easy and one where you get to choose how much of it will be your focus.

2. If you need to contact someone about a particular issue, please email us at eastbaylabyrinthprojects @gmail.com, and allow a few days for us to get back in touch with you.

3. Then, get comfortable with our Labyrinth Event Checklist! Print it out, choose what you already know, and get going!

4. If you know of a group or community that might be interested in putting on their own labyrinth events, please direct them here. The first topic at the top of this page, How to Initiate An Event with the East Bay Labyrinth Project, is where they will want to start.

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How To Walk A Labyrinth

1. We are in the process of developing our own walk information but if you would like to access the helpful aid provided by Lauren Artress at the Grace Cathedral, it's here (you'll need to scroll down just a tad after clicking).

2. For a few excerpts from that page, explore the idea of ďonly one way in and out that a labyrinth provides", specific instructions about walking shared by podcast from Lauren, and as a medieval meditation tool from Pathfinders.