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There are other places too that carry intriguing items. If you know of them, please let us know!

Local Shops

    1. Ispiritual: The women of Ispiritual craft quality finger labyrinths in wood and acrylic, and other items

2. SRLF Santa Rosa Booklets and Products by Lea Goode-Harris: The home of the Labyrinth Process, Poetry In Motion, Making the Santa Rosa Labyrinth Instruction Booklet, Labyrinths To Go!, Ladybug Labyrinth, etc.

3. Items Sold Through Veriditas

Other Labyrinth Resources

1. Grace Cathedral (ongoing evening programs monthly: June 11, July 9, August 13th).

2. Designs Made Available through Private Labyrinths in Bay Area Homes (research provided through the Labyrinth Locator developed by the Labyrinth Society: look for “private”)

3. Sources for Portable Canvas Labyrinths: Veriditas and Claire Sneddon at 260 Walnut Ave, Walnut Creek. 925.938.6864

4. Instructions for Making a Labyrinth (a Santa Rosa design), Labyrinth Society Instructions, How to Make a Labyrinth (posted on YouTube), and a current book on Amazon entitled Labyrinths for the Spirit: how to make your own labyrinths for meditation and enlightment

5. Playful Variations, Snoopy Labyrinth, Santa Rosa

6. Book Lists (here is one compiled by Veriditas)