Resources for Sharing

Whether you are regularly involved with our group or just getting on board, in this section, we've gathered a list of resources that you will want to know about. We've divided this list in the following way:

  • Resources that will tickle your curiosities about labyrinth creation and participation,

  • Resources you'll want to review if you are involved in putting on events (either with us or on your own), or

  • Resources for those times you'll be taking an active role in our larger aim — building the permanent labyrinth.


We hope you'll appreciate how many of these resources are local. And if we've omitted something you believe the community should know about, please fill out our Resources to Share Form. This can be anything really — organizations you might know about that could really get excited about our activities, other labyrinths, people who could help get the word out, co-sponsors, fundraising or labyrinth event partners, or specific items that would make labyrinth walks more meaningful or fun.

Let's come together and share resources to create some phenomenal gatherings
this year. The only thing missing now is YOU!

Resources for the Curious:

1. Labyrinths in the East Bay
2. Labyrinths in the Bay Area
3. Local Shops with Labyrinth-Related Items
4. Other Labyrinth Resources
5. Area Workshops 2010

Event Resources/Guidelines:

1. How To Initiate An Event with the East Bay Labyrinth Project
2. How to Prepare for the Event/Program Considerations
3. How to Schedule Your Event
4. How to Complete Use of the Space and Share the Experience
5. Labyrinth Event Checklist
6. How To Walk A Labyrinth

Resources Specific to the EBLP Mission:

1. Labyrinth Development Support