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Our group, The East Bay Labyrinth Project has an ambitious goal and needs some innovative minds and passionate hearts to get us there. Our goal is to build a permanent labyrinth at the Berkeley Marina, and at the moment, we are in the middle of an effort to raise the additional funds needed.

In order to do that (and let others understand the potential role of a labyrinth within a community), we are determined to reach out to various community groups, online and off, so they can develop their own community events in this beautiful space (we build temporary labyrinths in the interim at this location as well as various locations, like beaches, throughout the bay area in addition to making available a permanent one for scheduling near Andronicos on Telegraph in Berkeley). In the past, we have offered labyrinth walks, during the day and night, (with a creative program before the walk) and have identified some communities that might be interested in the key values a labyrinth brings — congregating in a quieter way, solstice ceremonies, leadership opportunities in the round, labyrinth building experiences (you can use a range of materials to build a labyrinth, which makes it very creative), and programs focusing on how to de-stress/give oneself and friends a time-out from "too much activity".

We plan to get the word out to various communities using social media or guerilla fundraising, and new fundraising techniques (e.g. mobile, location-based games, contests, etc.). And that's where you come in. We need a dedicated effort, people who can grasp fundraising and outreach principles and make use of networks, and a team who can come up with ideas and see them through. Can you or a group you know of help?

If so, feel free to check out our appeal below on Craigslist, VolunteerMatch, etc. and the two videos we created to show some possibilities below. We don't see these examples as the way it has to be done; just a way to spark some imagination and again, give a little background about the value labyrinths have always provided.

Volunteer Opportunity Doing Fundraising/Outreach with the East Bay Labyrinth Project (EBLP)

Interested in volunteering with a nonprofit that helps organize labyrinth walks for the community while introducing a new way to congregate, labyrinth building and creative leadership opportunities, solstice ceremonies, and contemplation/a peaceful time-out at a beautiful location in Berkeley?

Then, consider us. Plans for building a permanent labyrinth at the Berkeley Marina are already underway, but in the meantime, EBLP is looking for those who might be interested in our mission — enough to help us fundraise and work on online social media tasks/outreach to bring more community groups into the fold.

Tasks include, but are not limited to:
- Researching various communities who would be good candidates for labyrinth use
- Working with social media networks to help spread the word
- Organizing volunteers for additional meetups or labyrinth walks
- Working with others to implement fundraising strategies
- Helping to shape community events around the labyrinth
- Being the point person for communications around social media outposts

Qualified Candidates will:
- Possess strong organizational and communication skills
- Be willing to make a minimum time commitment (to be discussed)
- Enjoy working with people to generate interest/explain upcoming events
- Have fundraising experience (preferable)
- Take initiative (much of this work will be independent)
- Be a creative problem solver

Visit us at http://eastbaylabyrinthproject.org.

VIDEOs We Developed on Labyrinth Walks:

Labyrinth Night Walk: http://www.vimeo.com/9625667
Labyrinth Day Walk: http://www.vimeo.com/9619192